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Working Walls Solutions - Acoustical Panel System Series 3

Acoustical Panels

What is Working Walls Solutions?

  • A manufacturer of several wall and ceiling products designed to:
    • Absorb sound to remove reverberation
    • Block sound from transmitting from one space to another
    • Be tackable
  • Why choose Working Walls Solutions for your noise problems?
    • Solving our client’s sound issues since 1982
    • Excellent customer service
    • Products built to order for each client
    • We make it as easy as possible to work with
  • Free reverberation analysis
    • No acoustical expertise required on the customer’s part
    • Removes guesswork of quantity of material needed and provides before/after results

What are acoustical panels?

Acoustical panels are used to reduce noise and control sound in a space. Most commonly, they are used to reduce reverberation (aka echo) within a space or preventing sound from transmitting from one side of a wall to another.

What problems do acoustical panels treat?

  • Too much echo (sound reverberation) in the room
  • Noise coming through the walls
  • Noise coming over the walls
  • Noise coming through the ceiling

What negative affect can bad acoustics have on your employees?

  • Can’t concentrate when working alone
  • Can’t effectively collaborate with others
  • Can’t have effective meetings
  • Can’t conduct conference calls
  • Concerned that others may hear their private conversations

Wall Panels

  • Reduce echo within a room
  • Can help block sound from penetrating the walls
  • Impact resistant facing available
  • Full wall coverage or smaller panels spaced across the wall

Ceiling Panels

  • Reduce echo, keep sound from dispersing through room
  • Hanging Baffles perpendicular to ceiling
  • Hanging Clouds parallel to ceiling

Above Ceiling Panels

  • Helps block sound from penetrating the ceiling
  • Thick sound blocking material which lays on top of existing tiles above the ceiling grid
  • Hidden from site

Worksurface Panels & Desktop Dividers

  • Desktop Dividers to increase privacy and absorb echo
  • Worksurface Privacy Screens to add privacy and tackability

Systems Panel Extenders

  • Mount to top cap of existing systems panels
  • Can extend panel system walls to ceiling
  • Can also add height without going to ceiling


  • Bulletin Boards for any area
  • Cut to any size
  • Substitute for panel systems tackboards

Customization & Digital Imaging

  • All panels built to order
  • Custom shapes available
  • Digital Imaging capabilities on the face of any panel