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Lencore Sound Masking

Sound Masking

What is Sound Masking?

  • Speaker system in the ceiling which raises the ambient background sounds in an office to create “speech privacy”
  • Speech privacy is obtained when you feel comfortable speaking at a normal tone of voice and your conversation cannot be understood by those around you
  • Removes distractions, increases productivity, and creates privacy
  • Adds comfort to an office space by allowing people to feel comfortable talking at a normal tone of voice (imagine having a conversation in a dead quiet library)

Why Purchase Sound Masking?

  • Removes distractions, increases productivity, and creates privacy
  • Creates a more comfortable office for your employees
  • Now a typical product specified on most new construction – especially office space

Why Choose Lencore?

  • Most comfortable sound on the market
  • Lencore’s system sounds is similar to a HVAC running – a low blowing sound not white static
  • Most technologically advanced sound masking systems on the market
  • Open platform design with no proprietary software, wiring, or hardware
  • Unlimited zoning capabilities which can be tuned per half dB and equalized
  • Capable to adjust system with any device with a web browser
  • 10-year service and material warranty
  • Highly scalable system - can support up to 1.5 million square feet

Turn-Key Sound Masking Solutions

Researching and selecting an audio system can be an extremely stressful and time consuming process. Let us relieve this pressure by providing turn-key solutions.

Consultation & Demonstration

  • Free consultation and demonstration for you or any of your clients

System Design

  • Free professional engineered system design


  • System installation, tuning, and user training
  • Follow up fine tuning visit one week after installation to ensure customer satisfaction


  • 10 year material and service warranty

Spectra® Classic

Spectra Classic is the most economical, “set it and forget it” system up to 20,000 square feet. This self-contained system provides superior sound quality - giving you comfort and speech privacy. Individual units are available for personal use or niche applications such as home offices, waiting rooms, and rooms smaller than 500 square feet.

Learn More About Spectra Classic Download the Spectra Classic Brochure


  • Best for projects under 20,000 square feet
  • Streamlined Installation
  • Simple controls for tuning
  • Easy system additions for paging/music

Spectra® i.Net

Spectra i.Net is a networked system engineered to meet your facility’s specific needs and provides superior sound quality, extreme design flexibility, one point of control, virtually limitless zoning capabilities, easy expansion, and complete system access with the click of the remote or mouse, on site, off -site or around the world.

Learn More About Spectra i.Net Download the Spectra i.Net Brochure


  • Best for 20,000 square feet or projects requiring multiple facilities / campus wide installations
  • Networked system with plug and play components
  • Real time system access, control, monitoring, and reporting
  • Easy integration for Mass Notification

Spectra® n.Form

In certain situations and during emergency events the dissemination of information is key to life safety. Messages must not only be seen and heard – they must be understood. In designing a Mass Notification and Emergency Communications (MNEC) system, the key critical components are Reach and Clarity.

Reach is about coverage to 100% of the intended audience to inform and instruct. Reach can be visual and/or audible throughout the entire facility. Clarity is the degree to which the intended audience understands the message they are receiving.

A well designed MNEC solution will ensure that all intended audiences are well informed and directed to safety through any and all means possible.

Learn More About Spectra n.Form Download the Spectra n.Form Brochure


  • System redundancy to ensure complete system operability
  • Automatic malfunction notifications for system, wiring, or hardware
  • Detailed diagnostics and reporting
  • Meets NFPA72 Requirements
  • Emergency Communication Capabilities
    • Pre-recorded messaging & microphone inputs
    • Email, text, or social media messaging
    • Digital displays, signage, strobe, and light bars